!! OMG gossip: Marc Jacobs can’t keep his clothes on !!

OMG Marc Jacobs gets naked for Terry Richardson! [towleroad]
Mary-Kate Olsen is possibly pregnant [dlisted]
Best place for Lindsay Lohan/Samantha Ronson updates? Facebook. [jossip]
Winona “Sticky Fingers” Ryder is up to her old tricks, and this time the victim is Bulgari [celebslam]
Scarlett Johansson finally unleashes her giant breasts upon the big screen in her upcoming film He’s Just Not That Into You [popoholic]
Parisian babies are the best dressed in the world [jak & jil]
Some follow-up questions for Britney Spears following her documentary premiere last night [defamer]
Angelina Jolie makes a mean bowl of cereal [celebitchy]
Paris Hilton‘s feet are so big she buys shoes at the drag queen shoe store [cityrag]
Pajiba gave Milk a not scathing review. Sorry, bitchy people. [pajiba]
Haiti had its first openly gay march on Sunday [rod 2.0]
Buy signed celebrity stuff on eBay and support AIDS research at the same time [kenneth]

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