!! OMG gossip: Mark Wahlberg lets himself go !!

Marky Mark Wahlberg is sporting a big gut on the set of his new movie. [socialite life]
PETA is after Mike Tyson [popeater]
Anderson Cooper spreads his legs for the cover of Outside [l.a. rag mag]
OMG Queen Latifah in a bikini! [drunken stepfather, link nsfw]
David Beckham will play soccer again following serious injury [oh la la]
OMG Robert Pattinson shower scene! [agent bedhead]
Katherine Heigl says goodbye to Grey’s Anatomy [betty]
OMG ABBA is inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame! [kenneth]
Can Paula Abdul resurrect Star Search from the TV graveyard? [dlisted]
Kate Winslet and husband Sam Mendes are splitting up [gabby]
It is a mystery how Jessica Simpson stuffed her boobs into this red dress [hollywood rag]
Madonna collaborates with Dolce & Gabbana for MDG sunglasses [amy grindhouse]
John Edwards mistress Rielle Hunter looks plain in GQ [yeeeah]
Heidi Montag will appear briefly in new Adam Sandler film [celebitchy]
OMG Rob Kardashian is actually cute! [potp]
When did First Lady of France Carla Bruni get so scary looking? [tabloid prodigy]
OMG Lady GaGa tour dates! [celeb vip]
Barney Frank vs. President Obama? Maybe not. [towleroad]
Corey Feldman has been found alive [celeb jihad]
OMG if Lost were Baywatch! [2leep]

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8 Comments on "OMG gossip: Mark Wahlberg lets himself go"

  1. He’s freaking gorgeous! Even if he’s not ripped like he was 20 years ago, he’s still a God in my book. I would worship his body all day and all night.

  2. nicestdionysus | March 16, 2010 at 4:06 pm | Reply

    He looks better than he ever did!
    Abs = Overrated

  3. Ridiculous article. He looks better than ever, and THAT is NOT a gut!

  4. What the hell?
    This is just as bad as those pictures of naked men with queeny comments about how tiny their 10″ dicks are.
    I’d kill to look like Marky Mark, gut or no.

  5. THIS. I’d hit that seven ways from sunday. You had me worried he had gone K-Fed *shudder* (not that K-Fed was ever hot, but he’s so must more gross when he’s fat).

  6. Let himself go, my ass! That’s a picture of an attractive man. He doesn’t have total obsessive gym-body, but who gives a shit? He’s hot anyway.

  7. WHO CARES IT’S MARKY MARK. He can still eat my cookies anytime!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. If that’s a huge gut, I must be Carnie Wilson.

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