!! OMG gossip: Martha puts Rachael in her place !!

Martha Stewart disses Rachael Ray in that special WASPy way that only she can. Oh Martha, I love you. [dlisted]
Gerard Butler recreates Michael Jackson‘s “baby dangle” at a hotel. Eek. [popeater]
We’ve never been happier to be wrong. Johnny Depp is the sexiest man alive for 2009. Thank goodness. [l.a. rag]
Miley Cyrus does not approve of Twilight [allie]
Ciara has a blue Lamborghini [hollywood rag]
Luke Smalley photographs the story of sexy boys in prison getting homoerotic in “Sunday Drive” [oh la la]
Robert Pattinson felt “goofy” stripping for hundeds of people [betty]
OMG Texas bans all marriage! [joe]
Is it Mary Kate Olsen or E.T. in drag? [yeeeah]
Teen idol generations collide: Zac Efron and Claire Danes are in a movie together [socialite life]
True Blood‘s Godric, Allan Hyde, posts his photo on Guys With iPhones [towleroad]
OMG man beats woman with cheesesteak sandwich! [tabloid prodigy]
Brittany Murphy likes open mouth kisses in public [gone hollywood]
OMG railroad conductor kitten! [urlesque]

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  1. FYI: Allan Hyde did not post on GWIP site. Some stupid fan did that and you can see the evidence here: http://community.livejournal.com/ohnotheydidnt/41198149.html?thread=6317271621#t6317271621
    Please do your homework before posting anything, k, thnx for wasting my time.

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