!! OMG gossip: Met Costume Gala excitement !!

Drama, dazzle, and more drama at the Met Costume Gala [glamour and glitter]
Vanity Fair calls Jessica Simpson fat [agent bedhead]
OMG new Robert Pattinson gay makeout scene from Little Ashes! [socialite life]
RIP Dom DeLuise [dlisted]
OMG Carrie Prejean naughty modeling pics! [joe my god]
Victoria Principal sued for pulling a gun on her maid [yeeeah]
OMG Salma Hayek‘s Balenciaga wedding gown! [frillr]
OMG new Paula Abdul single “I’m Just Here for the Music”! [l.a. rag mag]
And new Lily Allen single “F*ck You” [popbytes]
OMG dirty nun sells ice cream! [oh la la]
Gay marriages will be recognized in Washington D.C. [towleroad]
The Amazing Race asks you: Would you pee on yourself on national TV for $1 million? [bwe]
OMG awesome Metroid tribute! [unreality mag]

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