!! OMG gossip: Naked ‘Twilight’ for adults? !!

Robert Pattinson entertains the idea of a rated-R Twilight with nudity [agent bedhead]
Angelina Jolie will be Cleopatra [dlisted]
In an effort to entertain movie-going audiences, Taylor Lautner is allegedly shirtless through the entire new film Twilight: Eclipse [tabloid prodigy]
OMG, a day in the life of Hanson! [popeater]
Why was Lady Gaga sitting in Jerry Seinfeld’s seat at a baseball game? [l.a. rag mag]
How successful is James Franco‘s new role as Allen Ginsberg? [after elton]
Jodie Foster charged with assault on a teenager [evil beet]
Should Disney World offer refunds to shocked straight attendees on Gay Days? [queerty]
Did January Jones run away from a DUI incident? [socialite life]
POTP talks to Snooki [potp]
Coco‘s gigantic booty is unstoppable, even by those evil Twitter censors [cityrag]
Sen. Orrin Hatch says all gays are heathens [towleroad]
OMG learn more about French soccer hunk Yoann Gourcuff [oh la la]
OMG John Goodman is SKINS! [celeb smack]
OMG catfish as big as a child! [2leep]

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