!! OMG, gossip: New Kristen Stewart cheating details !!

After K-Stew went all cheater on Robby Pat, will anyone still want to see the pair in “Breaking Dawn: Part 2”? [evil beet]
(And rumor has it, Kristen and her “Snow White” director carried on their affair for months and months) [amy grindhouse]
Cue the crying gymnast in 3…2…1… [jezebel]
…Meanwhile, this 16-year-old Chinese Olympian probably sobbed tears of joy [dlisted]
Blake Shelton: Turtle killer [towleroad]
One episode of Glee under his belt and Ricky Martin thinks he deserves an entire TV series [kenneth]
OMG, Superman is gay! Sorta [oh la la]
Apparently, Katie Holmes already has another man in her life — presumably not one that’s contracted her into the relationship [popbytes]
Don’t look at Kellan Lutz, look at Kellan Lutz’s REFLECTION [socialite life]
10 celebrities, 10 fake deaths [celebrity cafe]
These guys definitely have “All the Right Moves” [after elton]
Towandaaaah!!! [double viking]
OMG, new Ellie Goulding music is on the way in October [arjan]
Stripping and soft-core porn still aren’t paying Octomom‘s bills, because now she’s literally begging people for money [allie]
Ali Lohan is moving to… South Korea. Is that the farthest one can get from Lindsay? [celebitchy]
Ben Cohen in his underwear! Wet! [joe]
The Jackson Saga continues: Now Katherine wants half [tabloid prodigy]
In a world where movie posters tell the truth… [berry]

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