!! OMG gossip: One big reason why you want to be in a love scene with Alexander Skarsgård !!

Alexander Skarsgård refuses to wear a sock on his peen during his nude scenes in True Blood. This can only mean really fantastic DVD extras. [dlisted]
Lindsay Lohan is “mentoring” troubled girls she met in rehab. Yikes. [celebslam]
Revelation: Justin Bieber sounds just like Sigur Ros when slowed down. [towleroad]
Would you let Adam Lambert “tongue-dive” you? [socialite life]
The era of Dr. Laura “gays are biological errors and I should be able to say the N-word whenever I want” Schlessenger has ended. [queerty]
Erykah Badu was fined $500 and will get six months probation for stripping nude in her “Window Seat” video [the wrap]
New Natalie Portman ballet thriller Black Swan looks super creepy [pitnb]
Jay-Z blows everyone else on the Forbes top earners in hip-hop list out of the water. See the full list here. [l.a. rag mag]
Tyra Banks actually does believe models should be skinny [popbytes]
OMG Antoine Dodson commemorative doll! [tabloid prodigy]
Megan Fox‘s nose and breasts, before and after [starcasm]
Justin Long is still in love with Drew Barrymore [evil beet]
OMG sixteen never-published photos of Marilyn Monroe! [popeater]
Remember Kim Wilde? Let Kenneth help you. [kenneth]
OMG longest all-male daisy-chain ever [uncoached]

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