!! OMG gossip: Pamela Anderson the fashion model !!

Pamela Anderson walks the runway at Vivienne Westwood [busy bee]
Chris Brown is charged with two felonies [fcf]
M.I.A. has named her unborn baby “Ickitt” [socialite life]
Madonna takes tackiness up a notch with her new Ed Hardy collaboration [l.a. rag mag]
OMG a suit made out of money! [afrojacks]
Amy Winehouse gets her fix at the corner store [popbytes]
Cheyenne Jackson guest stars on Ugly Betty [oh la la]
Milla Jovovich gets her slut on for Interview magazine [superficial diva]
Lucy Liu starts her painting career with an expensive bang [inmf]
Hillary Clinton fielded a gay question at the European Parliament session today [towleroad]
OMG remember Zoobilee Zoo? [myself in center]

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2 Comments on "OMG gossip: Pamela Anderson the fashion model"

  1. milla jovovich is the best!

  2. MIA’s baby isn’t ‘unborn’. It’s like weeks old.

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