!! OMG gossip: Penn Badgely the youthful !!

Penn Badgely is looking younger than usual with a new haircut [l.a. rag mag]
Robert Pattinson looks better with vampire make-up [socialite life]
OMG Hilary Duff make-out scene in the new Gossip Girl! [drunken stepfather, site NSFW]
Classy pro-marriage ad from Maine [kenneth]
Anderson Cooper bitch-slaps Heidi Montag on the air [amy grindhouse]
Utah Governor Gary Herbert wants to legalize gay discrimination [towleroad]
OMG Jason Biggs attacked by a monkey! [bwe]
Romania boos Madonna over her gypsy love [dlisted]
Anne Heche brings the crazy back on Letterman as she rants about her ex-husband [yeeeah]
OMG Avril Lavigne divorce? [fatback]
The Olsen Twins are looking different lately [hollywood rag]
OMG sexy L.A. lifeguard photoshoot! [oh la la]

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