!! OMG, gossip: Philip Seymour Hoffman joins ‘Hunger Games’ !!

“Hunger Games” is getting a little Oscar cred now that Philip Seymour Hoffman has officially been cast as Plutarch Heavensbee [jezebel]
OMG, what would happen if all of Taylor Swift‘s ex-lovers were in the same room… [celebrity cafe]
Amy Winehouse has a new single out (crazy right?!) and it’s called “Cherry Wine” [evil beet]
This is about to be your new favorite music video. No, really [dlisted]
Jon Hamm now comes in baseball player (complete with baseball pants!) [kenneth]
OMG, what don’t you know about Andrew Garfield? [after elton]
Do as Robert Pattinson does — wear a watch [oh la la]
Nadya ‘Octomom’ Suleman went from her porn career to her singing career in shocking time [popbytes]
OMG, Brad Pitt‘s brother speaks out on their mom’s anti-gay letter [socialite life]
…And speaking of Pitts, why was Mick Jagger obsessed with Angelina Jolie? [celebitchy]
With another season of filming out of the way, the Jersey Shore format is finally getting a reboot [amy grindhouse]
Tough call: One Direction or Lawson for cutest pop boys of the UK? [arjan]
OMG, that was quick — Tom and Katie already settled their divorce [allie]
Grab your swim trunks, boys, Ben Cohen is heading to P-town this Thursday [joe]
Not a good day to be Usher — his step-son died of a brain injury and he’s had to put out a restraining order against a stalker [tabloid prodigy]
Because you need 26 reasons to stare at Anderson Cooper [berry]
Shock of shocks, The Advocate came out for President Obama [towleroad]

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