!! OMG gossip: ‘Playgirl’ makes Ronnie Kroell a Super(naked)model !!

Make Me a Supermodel contestant Ronnie Kroell does Playgirl, as he should and we all kind of expected. Check out the SFW preview photos. [l.a. rag mag via Fleshbot]
Marc Jacobs store employee mistakes cocaine for Anthrax, calls the police [gawker]
Daniel Craig has a fun night at Venice, California gay bar Roosterfish [kenneth]
Mariah Carey puts out a stage fire in Egypt with a towel [popeater]
Jada Pinkett-Smith tries to convince Oprah that she and husband Will Smith have sex [dlisted]
John Travolta and Kelly Preston‘s two small dogs were killed while being walked at the airport [socialite life]
Why is Lindsay Lohan carrying a straw around a yacht in Cannes? [hollywood rag]
OMG celebrity dating overlap chart! [cityrag]
OMG Jason Alexander is the new Kirstie Alley! [evil beet]
Why is Ryan Seacrest still pretending to date women? [betty]
Where is Justin Bieber‘s tattoo? [allie]
OMG sweaty, excited Australian rugby players! [oh la la]
Manchester police love the gays [towleroad]
OMG Happy Birthday Bob Saget! [bwe]
OMG adorable animals using computers! [uncoached]

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2 Comments on "OMG gossip: ‘Playgirl’ makes Ronnie Kroell a Super(naked)model"

  1. Those Aussies aren’t playing rugby. They’re playing Australian Rules football, which is way hotter.

  2. Ronnie was so hot, can’t wait to see the pictures

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