!! OMG gossip: Rourke and Penn in a sissy fight !!

Mickey Rourke calls Sean Penn “homophobic” and “average” [the daily beast]
America’s Next Top Model Eva Pigford is marrying a man! [evil beet]
And I thought Portland, Oregon was the “beardiest” city in the U.S. [towleroad]
Victoria Beckham wears a mens hairpiece [pop on the pop]
OMG shirtless Prince Harry! [socialite life]
And Daniel Craig in a Speedo! [oh la la]
Larry Craig‘s naughty restroom is losing its tourist draw [queerty]
Amy Winehouse‘s former assistant tells all [wimb]
OMG Drew Barrymore has a new boyfriend! [dlisted]
Get your bitch on with the Pajiba holiday movie open thread [pajiba]

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