!! OMG, gossip: Ryan Philippe and Breckin Meyer’s lost kiss from “54” !!

All the net’s hottest “Sebastian from Cruel Intentions and Harrison from Clueless” fanfiction! [boy culture]
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Michelle Rodriguez loves her a hotdog/taco combo [popbytes]
Adele to play Dusty Springfield? [queerty]
One of these things is not like the other: Putin‘s Peace Prize nomination [joemygod]
It’s opposites day, — right!? Chris Brown is now a “Gay Rights Advocate” (and he’s not afraid to use force!) [evil beet]
80’s throwback: The Waitresses! [kenneth]
50 Cent offers support to transgender teen [all hip hop]
Save the last dance for Bill Nye on DWTS [dlisted]
IMPORTANT WORLD NEWS: Selena Gomez pumps gas [socialite life]
I love myself today: Scott Eastwood‘s Instgram selfies [ohlala]
Animals: they’re just like us! — Heavily Photoshopped! [double viking]

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