!! OMG gossip: Ryan Reynolds is back on the market !!

Ryan Reynolds‘s abs are single again. Thanks Charlize! [dlisted]
Jennier Aniston and boyfriend Justin Theroux are in Hawaii [huffpo]
Someone is finally suing Lady Gaga for her blatant copycat behavior, but is it right? [allie]
Lindsay Lohan denied backstage access at Coldplay concert, throws a fit [celebitchy]
Mitt Romney PAC accepts $1 million from fake company [joe]
Queen Latifah talks openly about her sexuality for the first time [tabloid prodigy]
OMG Alexander Skarsgard in Vogue USA! [oh la la]
Shirtless soldiers lip sync to Glee. Mm hmm. [towleroad]
Heidi Klum will not be leaving Project Runway [socialite life]
OMG Roseanne Barr for President? [celebrity cafe]
OMG Nicky Minaj nip slip! [evil beet]
Gay bloggers reveal their fav video games [tng]
Anjulie is back with “Brand New B*tch” [arjan]
OMG top 11 hottest political reporters! [after elton]
The Sex and the City prequel is not happening [amy grindhouse]
Watch 80s teen in this slow-dancing competition… mesmerizing. [double viking]
OMG most beautiful cupcakes! [the berry]
I know it’s wrong, but fat animals are cute [2leep]

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