!! OMG, gossip: Sean Avery flashes his buttcrack for the camera !!

Butt crack alert! Hockey hunk Sean Avery let Terry Richardson snap some scandalous shots [socialite life]
OMG, check out Kelly Clarkson‘s smokin’ new bod from last night’s Billboard Music Awards [huffpost]
Lindsay Lohan‘s gonna need a lot more than a convincing wardrobe to pull off her Liz Taylor biopic [evil beet]
50 Cent thinks the gays should get married, too (especially if that means he can get married…) [dlisted]
If you’ve wondered what the Secret Service agent who sparked the prostitution scandal in Colombia looks like without his shirt on, now you don’t have to wonder anymore [kenneth]
OMG, spray-on abs from Armani! [oh la la]
A shark movie in 3D is about as terrifying as two hours in the dark can get [popbytes]
OMG, not a good month for 70s icons — the Bee Gee’s Robin Gibb passed away [celebrity cafe]
Apparently Kim Kardashian‘s wedding was real after all… [amy grindhouse]
As if you needed more than one, here are 66 reasons to love Cher for her 66th birthday [after elton]
Did Angelina Jolie buy Brad Pitt a helicopter as a pre-wedding present? [double viking]
OMG, if you don’t like pop music, something must be wrong with you [arjan]
Tim Tebow doesn’t like strippers (or perhaps more accurately, he doesn’t like to be photographed with strippers) [allie]
OMG, John Travolta now faces sexual assault claims from seven men, yikes! [celebitchy]
Drarun Ravi got only 30 days in jail and probation for his part in the suicide of gay roommate Tyler Clementi [joe]
Waiting for Queen Latifa to finally come out? Wait a little longer [tabloid prodigy]

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  1. I fucking hate Sean Avery; conceited douchebag

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