!! OMG, gossip: Someone take the camera away from Miley Cyrus !!

What is Twitter if not a place for celebrities to post nearly-nude photos of themselves? (Right, Miley?) [huffpost]
Um, Chris Brown? Your grillz appear to be missing a few teeth… [evil beet]
OMG, Portia De Rossi has been cast as the new Lily Munster [dlisted]
Cutest couple ever? [kenneth]
If high school had been more like the latest DSquared2 campaign, we might have all enjoyed it a little more [oh la la]
For her next comeback project, Lindsay Lohan will star opposite porn star James Deen [popbytes]
It’s about time Brad Pitt got a haircut [socialite life]
And speaking of celebrity hair, remember when Christina Applegate was rockin’ this do? [the berry]
Here are nine versions of “Call Me Maybe,” if you can stand to listen to them all [celebrity cafe]
Matthew McConaughey and Camila Alves got married — everyone freak out! [amy grindhouse]
Harvey Fierstein‘s thoughts on John Travolta are worth a read [after elton]
More Madonna body part sightings! This time in Rome! [towleroad]
Of these ten most controversial movie posters of all time, “Shame” sooooo takes the cake [double viking]
What do you think of Usher‘s new album cover? [arjan]
OMG, Lady Gaga‘s black liquid perfume turns clear on your skin… hot [allie]
Katy Perry must be realz mad that she wasn’t asked to be in “Gatsby” [celebitchy]
Sad but true: House Hunters is fake [joe]
At long last, David Arquette has filed for divorce from Courtney Cox [tabloid prodigy]

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