!! OMG gossip: The Beckhams get undressed… again !!

David Beckham and his painted-on abs model Armani underwear with wife Victoria [yeeeah]
Michael Jackson‘s ghost captured live on CNN! [oh la la]
Daniel Radcliffe looks kind of hot with a black eye [socialite life]
Adrian Grenier strips down to go surfing [popbytes]
Does Robert Pattinson‘s shaggy style work for him? [hollywood rag]
Kathy Griffin will roast Joan Rivers on Comedy Central [sow]
Jared Leto cleans up his look [agent bedhead]
Ryan Reynolds has taken kissing lessons [wimb]
A first-hand account of sex with Dustin “Screech” Diamond [heeb]
Celebrity poker: 90s hunks edition [kenneth]
Kelly Osbourne vs. Lady GaGa in print [l.a. rag mag]
OMG new hotdog eating record! [bwe]
Britney Spears appears in new Candies ads [dlisted]
OMG naughty nuns! [cityrag]

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