!! OMG, gossip: The guys don’t dig Emma Watson’s haircut !!

Apparently, (straight) boys don’t like it when Emma Watson has short hair so now she’s growing it out [evil beet]
You know what was missing from the tale of Hansel and Gretel? Machine guns [jezebel]
Never thought you’d see this: Good Morning America takes on the fine art of teabagging [dlisted]
OMG, new Bat for Lashes music means October’s gonna be the best month of your year [popbytes]
…But until then, here’s Ellie Goulding‘s newest music video for “Anything Could Happen” [arjan]
This is the only good thing about football… and Tim Tebow [kenneth]
So hot right now: Choking [oh la la]
Remember Rodiney Stantiago from The A-List? He’s lookin’ Ruf [socialite life]
In honor of Michael Clarke Duncan‘s untimely passing, here are the lovable giant’s top ten movie highlights [celebrity cafe]
OMG, you’re gonna want to click this link: The 40 hottest guys in New York theater [after elton]
“I’ve always been too thin,” says Christina Aguilera [amy grindhouse]
Fire up the DVR: The funniest TV shows you’ve probably never heard of [double viking]
Beyonce still doesn’t like Kim Kardashian — can she pah-lease get over it already?! [allie]
Meanwhile, Carey Mulligan wanted to get married, so Shia LaBeouf broke up with her [celebrity cafe]
It’s official: Clint Eastwood was the best thing about last week’s RNC [joe]
OMG, this is the weirdest Taylor Swift video to date [tabloid prodigy]
…Less weird than Swifty’s video? Kelly Pickler’s shaved head [berry]
Whoa: Hackers claim to have Mitt Romney‘s tax returns [towleroad]

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