!! OMG gossip: The National Guard gets racy !!

Henry Cavill lures young men into the military with his shirtless torso [dlisted]
Lindsay Graham recognizes that white people are no longer in charge [towleroad]
Essential Reading: The 2013 anti-gay company progress report [queerty]
Fashion editorial “packages” [oh la la]
Montreal’s interim mayor Michael Applebaum has been busted for fraud. Maybe the city’s third mayor inside of a year won’t be a criminal? [joe]
Leonardo DiCaprio gets shirtless in the Wolf of Wall Street trailer [socialite life]
Jeff Garlin was arrested in an altercation over a parking space [blemish]
OMG One Direction solo project? [tabloid prodigy]
Guess how much Madonna‘s Upper West Side duplex just sold for? [kenneth]
Ed Hardy himself actually hates Jon Gosselin [celebitchy]
Joe Manganiello speaks to the drooling masses [boy culture]
Check out Tegan and Sara live concert footage and a Q&A with Popbytes [popbytes]
OMG, how Miley Cyrus “found herself” [evil beet]
Getting pregnant the same as being “disfigured”? This celebrity says yes [amy grindhouse]
Is cheating okay? See the new data [double viking]
Creepy Russian bodybuilding [2leep]

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