!! OMG gossip: The Taylors are no more !!

OMG Taylor Swift has dumped Taylor Lautner and his abs [dlisted]
OMG the Tyra show is cancelled! [l.a. rag mag]
Girls Gone Wild mastermind Joe Francis is suing Gawker for calling him a rapist [socialite life]
And Demi Moore is suing Boing Boing for saying her hip was less skins than the W Magazine cover suggested [boing boing]
Karl Rove is respecting the sanctity of marriage by divorcing his wife [towleroad]
OMG when will the sex be put back into sex tapes? [popeater]
Jude Law gets his hair plugs wet at the beach with Sienna Miller [popbytes]
OMG who peed on Kim Kardashian? [yeeeah]
Who is more orange: Lindsay Lohan or her mom? [agent bedhead]
OMG Hulk Hogan: Look at me!! [uncoached]
Tennis star Robby Ginepri attends his sister’s birthday party [kenneth]
OMG Jonas Brother wedding photos! [betty]
Behind the scenes of the Dolce & Gabbana menswear campaign = models frolicking in small underwear [oh la la]
OMG top 25 pop songs of 2009 mash-up! [tabloid prodigy]

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