!! OMG gossip: Tom Cruise still trying to find his inner butch !!

Photos of Tom Cruise being macho on a motorcyle with his bud. Just two dudes being dudes. Straight dudes. As in not gay. See the motorcycle? [agent bedhead]
OMG Joan Rivers on Martha Stewart! [popbytes]
Heidi and Spencer mock poor people [l.a. rag mag]
What happens when you combine the best features of the six hottest British celebrities? I don’t know if I’d hit it. [towleroad]
Liev Schreiber is one hot daddy [socialite life]
In France men can get away with anything, even channeling Nomi from Showgirls [bryanboy]
Lady Gaga is now famous enough to join the esteemed ranks of Phoebe Price, Paris Hilton and Shauna Sands in having her very own Dlisted potty humor nickname. [dlisted]
OMG garter belts for men! [the frisky]
Former coke-snorting, same-sex kissing Miss USA Tara Conner is now sober and dressing in her grandma’s fake Chanel. [evil beet]
Bloggers sued over fake Virgin Airlines ad they didn’t even make [gawker]
Elisabeth Hasselbeck is getting ready to bring another little Republican into the world. [gabby babble]
OMG hottest men in the theater world! [boyculture]

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2 Comments on "OMG gossip: Tom Cruise still trying to find his inner butch"

  1. I am so surprised you didn’t have it posted. Liev schreiber did a awesome nude seen showing off ass and abs on one of the episodes of Ray Donovan I could not believe it was not on your blog

  2. id be lostified without your links

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