!! OMG gossip: Too many ‘Gossip Girl’ couples !!

The cast of Gossip Girl is becoming one big sexual family now that Chace Crawford (Nate) and Taylor Momsen (Jenny) were supposedly seen making out. Three off-screen couples? The cast isn’t that big. [socialite life]
And as if they needed to prove their authenticity as a couple, Jessica Szohr (Vanessa) and Ed Westwick (Chuck) were spotted hanging out together at gay bar Marie’s Crisis in New York, singing along to showtunes. There’s a fine line… [towleroad]
But OMG, could there be one less romance on set? Blake Lively (Serena) was seen making out with someone other than BF Penn Badgely (Dan) at a club over the weekend. This is almost as twisted as the show. [gabby babble]
Kim Basinger is hotter at 55 than, well… anyone. [wimb]
Gucci collaborates with Pizza Hut for something truly high end [bryanboy]
Tom Cruise misplaced his Blackberry in Toronto! Make sure you call me first if you find it… [defamer]
OMG couture snow suits for men! [skeleton legs]
Carrie Fisher has written a new, tell-all book. Listen to her talk about her “say ‘no’ to drugs” conversation with Cary Grant [dlisted]
A child in Virginia was kept alive by his two puppies when he wandered off into the woods at night [gents canine society]
OMG Pet Shop Boys remix MGMT [popjustice]
Meet Norway’s hot new Prime Minister, Jens Stoltenber [bwe]

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