!! OMG gossip: ‘Twilight’ stars now more plastic than before !!

You can now strip Robert Pattinson naked and bend his limbs to your will [pitnb]
Reese Witherspoon wears a facemask well [socialite life]
Which mystery celebrity sent his threesome partners out to the car to fetch his cell phone? [l.a. rag mag]
OMG mankini gallery! [queerty]
Superheroes hit hard times, get regular jobs [unreality mag]
Read what happened to Grey Gardens [kenneth]
OMG scary Michael Jackson hand! [popbytes]
South Park was inspired by a Jak & Jil photo for their recent Kanye West “gay fish” episode [jak & jil]
Billy Joel is a cuckold [anything hollywood]
OMG these rings indent a secret message into your finger [pipeline]
OMG new gay Republican organization! [towleroad]

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