!! OMG gossip: When celebrity dating gets dark !!

OMG, Kristen Stewart + Michael Pitt? [evil beet]
Stevie Wonder will not perform in Florida until the Stand Your Ground law is repealed [dlisted]
Cory Monteith died of heroin and alcohol overdose. Westboro will picket his funeral. [towleroad]
Bethenny Frankel is so real [boy culture]
OMG, watch the amazing Jumpy the dog [socialite life]
Guess which celeb is trying to get parental rights over the offspring of his sperm donation? [celebitchy]
OMG, who did Justin Bieber spit on this time? [tabloid prodigy]
Marriage equality is on the horizon in the UK [queerty]
Paris celebrates equality this Bastille Day [oh la la]
Carly Rae Jepsen cannot throw a baseball [popbytes]
OMG, what did LL Cool J say about Jay-Z? [all hip hop]
Sexy NY Met Matt Harvey interviews people on the street about himself without being recognized [kenneth]
OMG, what happens when two males “mate”? Just ask Rep. Louie Gohmert [joe]

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