!! OMG gossip: When Tom Ford first kissed a man (and more) !!

Designer Tom Ford dishes on his first blowjob and why Yves Saint Laurent was “evil” in a juicy new interview [the advocate]
New Yorkers: Please contact your Senators and urge them to vote for marriage equality! The vote is coming to the floor any day now. [espa]
Joss Stone thinks “everyone” smokes weed [dlisted]
Learn the real way to eat a chicken wing [yepyep]
OMG heartthrob Scott Wolf is back in the public eye! [popeater]
Did Lindsay Lohan have a secret relationship with Heath Ledger before he died? [betty]
Pamela Anderson requires special light bulbs [yeeeah]
Sarti tailors glamorize being dead in their new Fall ad campaign [agent bedhead]
Christina Aguilera has a new bob, and looks less like Lady GaGa [l.a. rag mag]
Taylor Lautner takes it off for Mens Health [socialite life]
Jessica Alba gets spanked in her new movie [amy grindhouse]
OMG Full House reunion! [sow]
Lesbian couple prevented from attending prom in Alabama [towleroad]
Bronx high school teacher is suspended for handing out erotic short story to students [kenneth]
Male model Baptiste Giabiconi teaches us how to do sit-ups [oh la la]
OMG can Mariah Carey win the booty battle? [cityrag]
OMG McDonald’s is moving into the Louvre! [glosslip]

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