!! OMG gossip: Where is Gerard Butler’s finger? !!

Does Jennifer Aniston know that Gerard Butler has his finger in her crotch? [dlisted]
Who is predicting Lindsay Lohan‘s death? Someone more official than you might expect. [superficial]
OMG Cameron Diaz white trash carwash! [drunken stepfather, link NSFW]
How to get Kate Gosselin‘s iconic roadkill hair style in a few easy steps [popeater]
Demi Moore takes Kim Kardashian to task on Twitter [allie]
OMG Lady GaGa vs. Madonna: DISCUSS [bwe]
Angelina Jolie may play the green-faced witch every gay child had a rush on: Malificent herself! [l.a. rag mag]
OMG Jude Law tell-all! [popsugar]
Shannen Doherty steps out into the sun [pitnb]
Glee hunk Mark Sailing gets wet and exposed for Flaunt [socialite life]
OMG Nick Jonas in a tight tank top! [just jared]
Rihanna and her stylist just won’t let go of the exaggerated shoulder moment [hollywood rag]
OMG nude male model X-ray editorial! [oh la la]
OMG are trans men the new gays? [kenneth]
The new President of the University of Michigan Student Assemlbly is openly gay [towleroad]
OMG Japanese “We Are the World” parody [tabloid prodigy]
OMG bathtub on wheels! [urlesque]

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