!! OMG gossip: Who is living the gay version of ‘Pretty Woman’? !!

Is Zachary Quinto dating a male escort? [dlisted]
Joseph Gordon-Levitt shows his manhood in a new shoot for GQ [socialite life]
Beyonce gets 10 Grammy nominations [betty]
OMG crazy Chinese CGI reenactment of Tiger Woods‘s wife chasing after his fleeing car with the golf club [tabloid prodigy]
Sienna Miller is hanging out at Jude Law‘s apartment [popbytes]
OMG Tiger Woods voicemail slow jam remix! [urlesque]
Oprah has welcomed Dr. Phil back into the fold [popeater]
OMG Meredith Baxter (the mom on Family Ties) has come out as a lesbian! [l.a. rag mag]
OMG new baby for Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes? [amy grindhouse]
Did a closeted NY State Senator help sink the marriage bill this week? [towleroad]
OMG almost-naked supermodels frolick in Rio! [oh la la]
“If God hates fags, why we are we so cute?” [kenneth]

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1 Comment on "OMG gossip: Who is living the gay version of ‘Pretty Woman’?"

  1. I really don’t think Zack would need to date an escort.

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