!! OMG, gossip: Why doubles diving is the best thing ever !!

If you need proof that synchronized diving is by far the Olympics’ most eye-catching sport, here it is [oh la la]
OMG, Justin Bieber picked a fight with… Prince William, and it’s all about hair [dlisted]
Indeed, there are AT LEAST 10 reasons why Ryan Lochte is actually a dbag [jezebel]
Christina Aguilera would much rather we talk about world hunger than her seemingly abundant appetite [evil beet]
You’re welcome: Nick Jonas in baseball pants [kenneth]
OMG, ninjas are just like us! [double viking]
Sorry, but no, Bill Murray doesn’t want to make “Ghostbusters 3.” When you’re done, you’re done [popbytes]
Luckiest kids in the world: Neil Patrick Harris & Co. are vacationing on Elton John‘s yacht… with Elton John! [socialite life]
OMG, can you guess the top 10 ’90s pop songs? [celebrity cafe]
…And speaking of top 10s, here are the greatest dance moments in TV history [after elton]
Miley Cyrus‘s manpiece is the September Men’s Health coverboy… and lookin’ gooood [amy grindhouse]
…But not as good as Dutch DJ Don Diablo. Yum. [arjan]
Not only is he changing his name to Snopp Lion, but now Snopp Dogg wants to be a judge on “American Idol” [allie]
Gag: John Mayer and Katy Perry are a thing [celebitchy]
“Bridesmaids,” eat your heart out [joe]
Feeling lost in love? Maybe don’t look at this slideshow… [berry]
Mariah‘s new single is definitely not all you hoped it would be. Sadly [tabloid prodigy]
If you’re gonna gay-rant in Chick-Fil-A, just don’t do it like this guy [towleroad]

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