!! OMG gossip: Xtina has the best fans ever !!

A Christina Aguilera superfan spent $3000 at the record store to buy all of the “Bionic” CDs with the goal of simultaneously boosting record sales and spelling out a special message to Perez Hilton. Click to see. [allie]
OMG Jerseylicious makeovers! [popeater]
It’s True: Twilight werewolves have no penises [socialite life]
Boy Butter CEO Eyal Feldman will swim across the Sea of Galilee next month to benefit two organizations for the elderly [jesus walked]
OMG it’s Jonah Hill‘s butt! [l.a. rag mag, link nsfw]
A wax statue of Bristol Palin guest stars on Secret Life of the American Teenager [dlisted]
Deranged Senate nominee Sharon Angle runs away from news reporter to avoid explaining her positions [joe]
Scarlett Johansson paid her DUES, dammit! [evil beet]
OMG Robert Pattinson and the elephant! [pitnb]
OMG hot soccer studs covered in mud! [popbytes]
Gary and Tony Have a Baby tonight on CNN [towleroad]
Rihanna is the nipple-slip queen! [cityrag]
A new Dutch study shows that swingers are twice as likely to be infected with an STI than hookers [gawker]
Soccer + Suits = Fashion? [oh la la]

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2 Comments on "OMG gossip: Xtina has the best fans ever"

  1. Damnnnnnn he can spend that much on CDs but he can’t buy a decent rug?!

  2. That is fan love and dedication at its purest form. Bash other people to promote your idol.

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