!! OMG, guess the abs: Mystery model !!

This photo was taken by an anonymous !! omg blog !! informant at a photo shoot for an upcoming high fashion spread. Do you recognize the model’s treasure trail? We don’t know who he is and would love some help from all you detectives out there. Click to enlarge.

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18 Comments on "OMG, guess the abs: Mystery model"

  1. Jake Ghyllenhall (or however the fuck you spell it) that would be my guess and my final answer.

  2. omg, it’s Justin Beaver!

  3. Definitely looks like Rodiney Santiagos abs!!!! Almost exact!!!

  4. So this is someone who is on the slimmer side, dark, and hairy. I don’t know of any celebs that match that description, so I would guess Brazilian model???

  5. i don’t know who it is but i want him as my husband

  6. definitly Joe Manganiello, veiny arms, big chest, same abs…. and he did the GQ shoot recently..
    looks so hot with that fur!

  7. Chris Evans.

  8. I am going to say Mike Ruiz.

  9. My guess is that he’s Joe Manganiello. The ads look the same and he is naturally furry. They shaved him for his GQ photo shoot.

  10. What makes this even hotter his the fact that there is hair….I can’t stand seeing a nice stomach, but then it waxed….I wish guys would just leave the hair, it makes it so much sexier

  11. I haven’t got a clue….Big names of high fashion male models usually wax their chests & abs…

  12. Mitchell Owens | June 21, 2011 at 10:20 pm | Reply

    I was gonna say Marlon Teixeira but I don’t think his abs that furry. Hmmmmm?

  13. Hmm…do we get a hint? Is he a model? An actor? My first thought was Gyllenhaal, but I compared abs (I need a hobby) and see that I was off. Color me curious.


  15. At first I thought this was a Celeb. I was totally gonna say Chris Evans.

  16. nom nom nom
    I can have a photo with no pants or underware ;D

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