!! OMG, guess: Who is wearing a wig and fake moustache? !!

The mystery actor was photographed playing hoops with his limo on the set of his new film. He looks much younger here than he actually is.
Can you guess who? Answer after the jump.

George Clooney! He’s hot no matter what kind of wig he puts on.
(Image Source via WOW Report)

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7 Comments on "OMG, guess: Who is wearing a wig and fake moustache?"

  1. I don’t care what that man is wearing, he’s gorgeous and a great actor.

  2. omg, it’s sonny bono!

  3. it was pretty easy. the chin gives away.

  4. LOL! My mother called me up yesterday and described that outfit. Part of the movie is being filmed near her house.
    It was a frantic phone call “It looks like him, but with a mustache and he’s gone hippie hair. Do you think it is him?!!”

  5. Gross! He is so yuck!

  6. I thought that one was pretty easy…

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