!! OMG, Happy Birthday! Dolly’s hair turns 65 !!

In honor of (our favorite blonde) Dolly Parton‘s 65th birthday today, we’re taking a look back at some of double-D Dolly’s best hairdos. And by hairdos, of course I mean wigs. And by wigs, I mean towering locks of captured sunshine. See the wig-walk back through time after the jump.

Country Cheerleader Dolly
Glamour Shots Dolly
`90s-Christina Dolly
Sasha Fierce Dolly
Who Me? Dolly
Bigger-the-better Dolly
Motown Dolly
Daytime Dolly

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2 Comments on "OMG, Happy Birthday! Dolly’s hair turns 65"

  1. Dolly, with her larger-than-life, knock-’em-out curves, is still one of the greatest hotties of the world now!
    At age 68, as of January 19-th 2014, she still looks better than a lot of those so-called supermodels. I’d say it’s way overdue that she showed those 34E’s aka “The Best Boobs in the Bizz” to the world, so c’mon Dolly pose nude in the near future and don’t wait until y’er 100-th birthday or at least have the pictures that have been taken in the past published!!

  2. I’m TOTALLY celebrating her birthday by attending Addie Brownlee’s show in NYC: “I Beg Your Parton?” Addie Brownlee Sings Dolly with special guest Martha Wainwright.
    All covers of Dolly gems. Should be amazing!

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