!! OMG, have you herd?!: ‘Anomaly’ for Moroso by Front Design !!

I’m hoping Front make some more of these, some with stripes, some spotty ones, some with feathers and fake fur and maybe some sheepy ones too. Then I can cluster them as herds in my palatial suites and call the various rooms such names as ‘The Paddock Pantry’ and ‘The Coop for Pooping Poop’ and possibly even ‘The Amazonian Attic’, where there is a big boa snakeskin wrap-around couch version that gives you a wee squidgy squeeze when you park your rump upon it.
Although, if these stools start making their own sloppy stools after a long day of grazing in the front-room-field, I’m not even dealing with those steamy slops, so they will then be released onto the neighbours deck where they can munch on her potted plants and poop all over her Persian rugs instead!
[via dezeen]

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