!! OMG, he hates Toronto: Rufus Wainwright !!

From the Guardian:

I’ll never go back to Toronto. I can’t stand it – the place drives me mad. I’m allowed to say this because I’m Canadian. I have friends there, I work there, but I find it really hard to like. I will have to go back there, but I wish I didn’t have to. It’s trying to be the New York of the Midwest. I much prefer Montreal.

(via ITH)

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11 Comments on "OMG, he hates Toronto: Rufus Wainwright"

  1. uhm who the hell is Rufus Wainwright?

  2. Whatever, he puts on a good live show. Toronto isn’t the most ideal place to be a musician if you have any sort of ego or international aspirations. I think most Canadians would associate him with Montreal or New York anyway.

  3. Danforth Danny | June 11, 2008 at 11:15 pm | Reply

    I live in Toronto and I agree with him! The reaction of some Torontonians only serves to prove his point. LOL Can someone please marry me and extricate me from this sanctimonious, bourgeois hellhole?

  4. *groan* He is entitled to his opinion. We don’t know that he arbitrarily put this out there to disrespect Toronto. He can’t really just not ever go back there. Like you said, it’d be bad for business. He’s just overdramatic that way. This could have been some exaggeration in an interview, taken somewhat out of context. I’m not saying it wasn’t rude, but Toronto will survive. You know?

  5. Toronto hates you too, you talentless hipster fuck.

  6. I hate him……..he sounds like someone who survived a fucking drowning. His mockery of Judy’s Carnegie concert is a evil farce.

  7. What a dummy – when you’re a celebrity, you can’t alienate people who would normally support you. Dumb move – I’ll tell you in person when I see you…

  8. I agree, CydSavior, he’s very, very annoying. His ‘reinterpretation’ of Judy Garland’s Carnegie Hall concert was like finger nails on a chalk board. I couldn’t believe that some record company actually thought that was worth putting out.

  9. Zzzzzzzzzz

  10. Wow; I was thinking the exact same thing when I went there a couple of weeks ago.

  11. Seriously? Rufus Wainwright is an asshole. Am I supposed to care what he thinks about anything?

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