!! OMG, he looks like an old lesbian !!

My new favorite niche blog is “men who look like old lesbians.” The phenomenon seems to be common among rock musicians and radio hosts.
Here is a sampling of what they have found:
Don Imus:
David Lynch:
Garrison Keillor:
Ric Ocasek:
David Bowie:

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3 Comments on "OMG, he looks like an old lesbian"

  1. I know. plus I love his dubble shirt color combo. and labarinth. and everything he ever made or wore. I love you david bowie

  2. OMG – they do. Though I’d hate to make fun of David Bowie. He’s done a lot of the gay cause, probably including Mick Jagger 🙂 …

  3. HA! bowie kind of has a jodi foster thing going on.

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