!! OMG, he smells like sports: Andy Roddick !!

Lacoste Challenge: Re/fresh (Directors Cut) from Rob Chiu on Vimeo.

Andy Roddick is hot, certainly, but there’s also a little something…menacing about his stare. (Maybe it’s because he can launch a tennis ball at your face at a kagillion miles an hour, I dunno) Take this Lacoste cologne ad for example. Andy Roddick dripping in sweat — hot. Andy Roddick turning his eyes up at you in slow-mo — creepy.
(via After Elton)

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3 Comments on "OMG, he smells like sports: Andy Roddick"

  1. is it just me that I never noticed his receding hair line until this commercial?

  2. Most tennis watchers would know he’s a bit of a douche in real life. He’s kinda turned me off him, despite his good looks.

  3. i have yet to smell a Lacoste scent that isn’t laced with cynicism, but I have to admit that visual (tennis ball turning into splashes of water) is pretty nifty.

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