!! OMG, he still isn’t gay: Kenny Chesney !!

Gay-facey country star Kenny Chesney is still denying the gay rumors, this time on 60 Minutes. As usual, per the photo above, Kenny will conduct the interview atop velvet pillows in a tight, sleeveless top.
Does anyone else think his shell necklace makes him look remarkably like another “straight dude” who is constantly fighting these sorts of rumors?
Logan from Corbin Fisher [link NSFW]

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8 Comments on "OMG, he still isn’t gay: Kenny Chesney"

  1. I’m one of the few people who actually believe that ‘Logan’ is probably pretty straight when the cameras ain’t rolling. I understand that the real guys a major stoner, so he’s probably high as a kite when he makes these videos.
    I wouldn’t read too much into Logan’s enjoyment of gettin’ poked. think the ability to enjoy anal sex and sexuality are independent variables: I know plenty of homos for whom bottoming is a pain in the ass, and at least as many straight guys who enjoy having women put things in their asses!
    I know nothing about Ken Chesney, however from what you’ve all been saying, he sounds like he’s the Ziggy Stardust of C&W, if nothing else!

  2. it’s wierd…I just looked at this as I was linking to this story…….my first impression when I heard him speak was…if he ain’t gay…he’s certainly on his way!..could be BI also?!?!? who the hell knows but I love his music

  3. i find it interesting that keith urban had to go into rehab after his touring ended with chesney and the marriage to nicole did not replace his buddy kenney… and the hope he probably fealt after the annulment between renee and kenney…. from what i heard through security and backsatge personnel the scurrying between dressing rooms was intense

  4. If he removed the hat the gay rumors would disappear too. He’s totally fug and looks like a little old man.

  5. Wasn’t he married to a man?? Oh wait, that was Renée Zellweger.

  6. I think Mr. Chesney protesteth too much. If he’s not gay, I’m the Queen of Romania. And why does he always have that hat on?

  7. I saw Kenny Chesney in concert once, and he wore a pink feather boa, and danced around his hot bandmates with it. No joke. I couldn’t believe all those country fans were cheering him on. It felt like a weird alternate reality.

  8. I don’t know about Kenny Chesney, but I have seen several of Logan’s videos at Corbin Fisher, and he enjoys bottoming WAY too much to be straight. What a hottie!

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