!! OMG, he talks to his peen: Jason Priestly !!

If you spent the 1990s lusting after 90210‘s Brandon Walsh, then you should proooobably be watching FX’s Call Me Fitz. The show features Jason Priestly as a wannabe porn star — which means he’s practically naked. Watch this clip from the show where a brief-clad Priestly talks to his peen to convince it to get, err, into action.
(via Queerty)

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11 Comments on "OMG, he talks to his peen: Jason Priestly"

  1. Jason Priestly is hotter now than when he was a kid. I would love to rub his hairy chest and his big bulge. OMG thats getting me hot.

  2. Excuse me, tne word is Penis not Peen!!!

  3. jason priestley.. what a fox!
    he is waaaay hotter now that the 90210 days..

  4. Thanks for correcting me. I knew it was one or the other and I never can tell them apart.

  5. SmarterThanTheAverageBear | September 6, 2011 at 2:44 pm | Reply

    @Pierce — You are mistaken. It was Jason’s 90210 costar Luke Perry who was naked in Oz, and he was walking, not chained to a wall.

  6. Sorry, Pierce_mn, but you’re thinking Luke Perry, not Jason Priestly. Luke Perry was on HBO’s OZ as a convicted minister the next to last season(?) of the show and he was walled up inside a brick wall to die. However, there was an explosion in the prison that damaged much of the wall and he was exposed and rescued. He was bandaged up like a mummy due to his burns and Oz played it out like he “rose from the dead” and escaped.
    And since we’re on the subject of Luke Perry, Oz, and peen. A few episodes before the above takes place, Luke is showering when his towel and clothes are stolen, leaving him to have to walk back to his cell completely naked. He steps out of the shower area as such, with his peen a-flopping, but becomes embarrassed (I don’t know why as he looks great) and covers himself with his Bible that he carries with him everywhere.

  7. Rent “Calender Girl” with Jason Priestly. There’s a scene where he and his buddies are basically stalking Marilyn Monroe and they follow her to a Nude Beach and they have to get naked to be on the beach. At one point the guys are being chased and they run for the ocean. You can clearly see Jason’s large peen flopping around out in in front of him as they run for the ocean. Slow-Motion/frame-by-frame motion works best.

    • I used to watch 90210. Once I realized his big dick flopping around, I lived to watch Brandon Walsh walk towards the camera in every scene. It uses to shift in his pants with such beauty! I was a fan of his cock more than 90210. LOL

  8. I may be wrong about this, but I think he was chained naked to a brick wall and closed in to die in an episode of OZ. His peen wasn’t trimmed either.

  9. You didn’t do terribly much research when posting this did you? It plays on FX Asia, and originates on HBO Canada. It aired earlier this year on Directv in the US. Never has it played on FX US.

  10. They can say “fuck” on FX?!? That’s awesome! I remember when Nip/Tuck were the first to say “shit” and “cock”.

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