!! OMG, hear the first single from Andrew Butler’s MR.INTL label !!

As we wait for the next Hercules and Love Affair album Blue Songs to come out next year, band mastermind Andrew Butler is tiding fans over with new music from his own record label MR.INTL. The first release “And I’m (So In Love With You)”, a tech-house collaboration with his ex-lover and resident Honey Soundsystem DJ Jason Kendig, will be available to buy via Beatport on August 30th. The duo produced the track with the same kind of analog equipment house and techno producers would have used back in the early ’90s. Here’s what Andy had to say about the label’s mandate when we interviewed him last month:

The focus is strictly classic house and techno. I want to evoke strictly that sound on this label so I’ve already been pretty hard-ass with people in terms of what the output is. I don’t want anything that sounds pre ’85 or post ’94. It’s really about the golden days of house music and techno… The aim of MR.INTRL is to explore the current dance music world and Hercules is my opportunity to get as soft and beautiful and ambient, and get as funky and disco-y and house-y as I want to.

A vinyl release and a live MR.INTRL tour featuring Hercules and Love Affair singers Kim Ann Foxman, Aerea Negrot and Shaun Wright will be announced soon. Read our interview with Andy Bulter here and listen to the original version of “And I’m (So In Love With You)”, as well as remixes by Kink and Deetron, below:

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  1. Jason Kendig is dreeeeeaaamy!!!

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