!! OMG, her 2nd single: Willow Smith’s ’21st Century Girl’ !!

*Deep sigh of relief* It’s good. It’s more than good. It’s at least as good as Whip My Hair, which could easily have made Willow Smith yet another one-hit wonder had she not followed that track up with an equally catchy song. But 21st Century Girl is immediately dancable and, well, I can’t get the chorus out of my head. So that bodes well for mini-Rihanna, right?
21st Century Girl by Willow Smith

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7 Comments on "OMG, her 2nd single: Willow Smith’s ’21st Century Girl’"

  1. Whoa. That’s a *horrible* song. When half the song is talk-sung, and the rest of the song only contains a range of about 5 different notes… and it’s STILL autotuned to death? Yikes. I’m a little concerned about the Pinkett-Smith kids being forced on us all, too. It’s creepy.

  2. Some of the comments here are really stupid. The girl is obviously being educated. Will and Jada definitely don’t see their kids as “little bank accounts”. You do realize that Will is one of the highest paid actors in Hollywood and has had quite a few Blockbusters already?
    I think people should back off of her and let her do this if she enjoys it.

  3. she should be in school , her music sucks , i blame her parents

  4. Please for the love of all humanity tell me you are kidding with this post. Willow Smith is one of the biggest no talent, annoying as hell, auto-tuned celebri-hacks that is being shoved down our throats along with her equally non talented brother Jayden. The only reason these two are out there is because their parents are shoving them in everyone’s faces. If you thought Whip My Hair was good, and that this one is at least as good as it was, that tells me all I need to know, never ever listen to it!

  5. Either this is the most subtly sarcastic post ever, or you truly have no taste. The only people who should be dancing or referring to t as “good” should be under the age of 12.

  6. The Smiths are getting as bad at pimping out their kids as Jon & Kate. They’re children, not little bank accounts.
    I guess if you’re a parent with a massive income, you can create opportunities for your untalented children. I mean “Whip Your Hair”. Really? Remake of the Karate Kid? Seriously?

  7. Anyone else feel like their kids are being crammed down our throats? This is the creepiest family to hit Hollywood since the Lohans. Probably creepier.

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