!! OMG, he’s a natural disaster: Bush !!

Enjoy your last 4th of July under his reign, America!
Thanks to Harold for the tip.

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5 Comments on "OMG, he’s a natural disaster: Bush"

  1. I’ve been seeing a rash of conservatard postings on gay blogs recently. Who wants to bet they’re all being done by one Heritage Foundation employee?

  2. Brilliant! Should have been real.
    Oh and to Ohguy937- here’s one for you too:
    “Piss off a republican; think.”

  3. I love how there’s neocons who read and comment on a gay blog.
    Being a gay Republican is equivalent to being a Jewish Nazi.

  4. The Onion is a funny parody site for sure, but to you sour faced libs out there I say: “suck it up and get a life…i can’t wait to see how much fun you poke at a GENUINE disaster that would be a B.Hussein Obama presidency!”
    Celebrate freedom today! It will drive a democrat nuts! =0)

  5. eh, it’s pretty funny. totally wrong on a few things…like the whole premise of the video…

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