!! OMG, he’s a porn star: Mikey Verdugo !!

A contestant from HGTV’s “Design Star” show used to be a BDSM porn star. That’s a lot of acronyms.
See the recently rejected designer (who is also a cop by day) in some very NSFW shots after the jump. Look, more acronyms!


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10 Comments on "OMG, he’s a porn star: Mikey Verdugo"

  1. I was a fan of his on “Design Star” based on his personality and sex appeal, but having seen clips of his “skills” online, I’m an even bigger fan !!! He’s hot and he can cum to me, with me, on me, whatever he wants !!! 🙂

  2. Ooh, I just remembered something.
    I had a grad school substitute teacher named Mrs Verdugo. It was like 4th grade or soemthing, and she told us it means “hangman” or executioner in Italian.
    So this is a little weird, now, heh.

  3. My mother (who lives on hgtv) was telling me earlier today about how Vern lights up when he’s talking to the male contestants, and how hard he is on the women. I guess this clears that up. Poor Vern will be a sad boy when all the men are gone.

  4. ARREST ME!!

  5. he is one cop i wouldn’t mind getting stopped by and handcuffed by. lol

  6. god, that is delicious.

  7. he got my vote all the way.

  8. Way sexy! I’ll bet Vern Yip didn’t even let him leave the studio and probably has him tied up somewhere all to himself! Lucky Vern.

  9. The man must be multi-talented. I give him his props. We all have something in our closets. Go ahead and live my Brother, ’cause when you’re dead it is over.

  10. he got my vote all the way.

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