!! OMG, he’s back on TV: Christian Siriano !!

Project Runway winner Christian “Trannie Fierceness” Siriano is guest-starring in the May 1st episode of Ugly Betty along with ProjRun judge and fashion-director-for-a-few-more-minutes of Elle magazine Nina Garcia! Apparently the plot involves a fashion show and Christian being fierce. Set your TiVos! (via ONTD)

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3 Comments on "OMG, he’s back on TV: Christian Siriano"

  1. While I am happy he won the show and is a great designer, is anyone else but me getting thinking he’s getting a little overexposed lately. I don’t know, I guess his novelty of saying things are “fierce” was funny at first and the SNL skit on it was great… But now I’ve had about enough of it I think…

  2. It makes me sad to know Nina Garcia is leaving/was let go of Elle Magazine… I wonder about what will become of Project Runway now that it is leaving Bravo. I fear that the sense of “cool/non mainstream” will be lost once it goes to Lifetime.
    Pumpkin Man

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