!! OMG, He’s Basically Naked: Grady Sizemore !!

While baseball players are generally known for being the piggiest and most out-of-shape of all professional sportsmen, a somewhat hot baseball player does occasionally come along. One of those players is Grady Sizemore, Major League Baseball’s sexiest muscletwink.
Happily for us, he’s also totally vain and loves taking naked pictures of himself and posting them on the internet! While he’s careful to cover up his junk in the photos you’re about to see, he can’t help but reveal a glimpse of scrotum. All in all, I think you will find that they are about as Not Safe For Work as your average ManHunt profile. I’d steal Grady’s base any day!
Thank you to sportsfan Johnny for being on top of this story.


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8 Comments on "OMG, He’s Basically Naked: Grady Sizemore"

  1. I was all HOT & BOTHERED for NOTHING! That damn hacker probably kept all the full-frontal for himself. Or to use them to blackmail for a chance at that fine ass of Grady.

  2. eternalcanadian | December 1, 2009 at 1:12 pm | Reply

    finally, leaked pictures of a male celebrity porning themselves via sexting! delish looking. ahahaha.
    p.s. stop with the extreme manscaping. i can’t stand it when a guy has no hair anywhere. he’s not 12 years old for gawds sake.

  3. is that a joke? Have you ever watched football?! Those men are out of shape.

  4. a totally hot guy – doesn’t seem to be packing much (unless he’s a grower) but who would care with everything else he seems to have going for him …

  5. Damn guys, stop “manscaping” !! A man needs to be a man – with hair where it’s supposed to grow!!!

  6. I think another site said a pissed-off girlfriend leaked them. Thank you woman scorned!

  7. Total cutie

  8. Now this is more like it!

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