!! OMG, her new look: Sandra Bullock !!

Sandra Bullock recently paid a visit to Lopez Tonight to promote that piece of Republican propaganda masquerading as a movie that is currently in theaters.
But that’s okay, because she got a Chola make-over from Chola Girl (of the infamous make-up tutorial)! This might be my favorite Sandra Bullock performance ever!
One quotable quote from Chola Girl about Sandra’s eyebrows pre- and post-makeover:

Before, they were like, whispering “coward.” Now they’re screaming “bitch.”

Watch Sandra do the “bitch test”! This almost makes up for that terrible movie. (Thanks to Tommy for the tip!)

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  1. omg, i can’t believe sandra did that. i love her so much more now, even if she doesn’t have the bitch test down.

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