!! OMG, he’s drunk and shirtless and touching another shirtless guy: Miley Cyrus’ Boyfriend !!

20-year-old Justin Gaston (15-year-old Miley Cyrus’ technically paedophile boyfriend) decided to get ripped and take his shirt off for a homo-erotic pic with one of his buddies. Okay, if I was fifteen and I was dating someone who looked like this I would not be able to not have sex with him. There used to be this guy in the showers at the high school I spent a semester at in Switzerland. I secretly called him “Horse Boy” for a good reason. It was all I could do to not drop to my knees right there…and he didn’t even know my name or speak English, let alone date me. So quit frontin’ Miley, we know you’re hitting that.
See pics of Justin in his undies after the jump. Oh did I forget to mention he’s also an underwear model?

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12 Comments on "OMG, he’s drunk and shirtless and touching another shirtless guy: Miley Cyrus’ Boyfriend"

  1. Miley claims to be a virgin who is saving herself for marriage. If I were her parents, who I be allowing my 15 year old daughter to be dating a 20 year old guy, especially if I were concerned about her virginity? Only the gullible or insane are buying the “just friends” claim.

  2. I agree. The term pedophile gets used way to easily and improperly when it come to these two. Call it what it really is–a felony.

  3. I dont get why its being called a homo-erotic pic. It looks like to drunk friends taking a picture. Why is everyone having to say its all of a sudden gay to take pictures with same sex friends?!

  4. I agree with AC Walker. The pedaphile label gets thrown around too casually and incorrectly. On top of that, it’s usually reserved for use against men. On Desperate Housewives a 30-something woman with an underage boy is “tadpoling”. Here, a 20 YO and a 15 YO is pedaphilia.

  5. So which one is 15 and which one is 20???

  6. he is delish!

  7. first of all…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz to the pedophile comment.
    second of all, if i were miley, i’d be hitting that for sure…. however, i think she may not be quite YET.
    if there is one thing we know about miley… if she was tagging that it would be up all over myspace and youtube and probably on the same site as “one night in paris”..
    take that selena gomez and you too…jonas brother!!!
    she doesn’t QUITE get the concept of “keep it on the DL baby…i could go to jail for this.”
    and Hottie McPanties KNOWS he is too pretty for jail.
    i’m just saying.

  8. Actually, Miley Cyrus is quite clearly post-pubescent, so he boyfriend would not be a pedophile at all. He may be breaking age-of-consent laws (depending on the state he’s dating her in), but that also doesn’t make him a pedophile. If the guy’s dating Miley because he can only be attracted to adolescents, he’d be an ephebophile, but that’s not necessarily the case here. You can’t be “technically” pedophilic or any other sexual pathology- it’s a psychiatric disorder, and you either have it or you don’t.

  9. oh actually its thesuperficial

  10. he is hot… tyler durden has more homo-erotic party pics

  11. Dear Diary, JACKPOT!

  12. “Not a lot of Fruit in those Looms” – Meredith, The Office

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