!! OMG, he’s had it: Johnny Weir !!

Ok, ok, maybe the snickering about Johnny Weir “coming out” in his memoir, Welcome to My World, has gone on long enough. In an interview with ESPN, Weir explained his disappointment that letting the pink elephant out of the room garnered so much press:

There were lots of gay websites that had an issue with me quote-unquote coming out and doing it “too late,” and people are trying to make it into a big news story when really, it’s not news at all. I’ve always been exactly the same.

Lesson learned: in Weir World, being gay ain’t no thang. He explains why after the jump.

It’s of very little importance to me that I was born gay. It doesn’t make me a better athlete, it doesn’t make me a stronger person, it doesn’t really do anything to enhance my life. It’s just something I was born with, the same as green eyes. So of course it’s a bit disappointing that that’s the first and sometimes the only thing people will focus on. Even if it’s just in my head, I live in a generation where it doesn’t matter

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4 Comments on "OMG, he’s had it: Johnny Weir"

  1. i know johnny supposedly has “issues” but i find him so very attractive: i would not kick him out of my bed.

  2. i’m still upset that he wears so much fur… can’t get past it unfortunately

  3. This bitch is a joke.

  4. OMG, he is so hot.

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