!! OMG he’s in love: World’s Fattest Man !!

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Apparently Manuel Uribe, who used to weigh 1257 pounds, has found love with a hairdresser named Claudia.
He currently weighs 687 pounds, just over half his former weight, and is being stripped of his title because of his slim-down. What a stupid loser!
He apparently wants to get down to 265 pounds. I hope he keeps all the extra skin.
Check out a video after the jump.

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9 Comments on "OMG he’s in love: World’s Fattest Man"


  2. Shaun Michaels | February 17, 2008 at 4:55 am | Reply

    Is it just me or did that video make anyone else queasy 2? Shes bein paid,she must be an actress.

  3. C’mon guys, haven’t you ever heard of irony? Graydon is not taking the piss at all, but is being ironic when he calls this guy a stupid loser for no longer having the title of the worlds fattest man. He’s actually showing you that if you have something you really care for, you can do anything. Who would have thought that this guy could find love and that it would motivate him to lose so much weight?
    I think it’s a great, life-affirming post Graydon. I love your sense of humour and while it will be nice to have Frank back, I will miss you being around.

  4. Grayden, yer ok by me; folks are too uptight! (political correctness; oh how it kills me…) Well, remember, if you dont have anything nice to say, theres always room over by me!!

  5. OMG!!!! You guys are such prudes he was clearly joking. He called him a loser cause he LOST weight, duh!! Havent you heard of ‘The Biggest Loser’ You people are the ones who ar thinking of it in a negative way. Shame on all you.

  6. Randall Blaylock | February 15, 2008 at 6:41 pm | Reply

    Graydon, Graydon, Graydon,
    I have always enjoyed this blog when Frank was writing and I never read any negative and nasty things coming from him. His blogs were funny, amusing and it was never at anyone’s expense. This is the second email that I’m sending to give you some constructive criticism. It’s not necessary to be mean. Don’t be mean.

  7. This post doesn’t seem funny, sexy or appropriate. In fact its embarrassing that you even make such a post. And this blog won the bloggies?

  8. I don’t quite understand why you consider him stupid? Evidently not only has he found a significant other but he’s come around to realizing that his weight was not a healthy thing. He can’t even walk much less have enough energy to breathe. It would be miraculous for him to actually go down to 265. He will be so much happier and healthier and I am sure all his loved ones will benefit as well as he from his accomplishments. Best of luck to him and the many in the world like him that seek to better their lives.

  9. Grayden
    Its time for Frank to come home. I have no problem with your posting this story, however, your comments were mean spirited and intolerant. As a gay person I am dismayed when my brothers and sisters, after all they have endured for being different pass on the hate.

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