!! OMG, he’s naked: Adam Goldberg !!

Adam Goldberg has been popping in movies and television shows for the better part of twenty years. One of his most memorable roles was Mike in Dazed and Confused and one of his more recent was a guest role on Entourage.
His most naked role was definitely as Jack in the film 2 Days In Paris, and you can see why in the video clips and stills after the jump [NSFW].

Click to enlarge. Download video clips here: part 1 and part 2
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18 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: Adam Goldberg"

  1. In general a nice looking man for my taste – Hate the tats — what an eyesore on an otherwise cute guy — don’t like smokers either. However I admire that he has kept himself in pretty good shape – I also admire a guy that will do a full frontal – Butt views do little for me. Yet so many frontal shots are dark, BLURRY, and hard to see- only seconds, what is the point? keep your undies on –

  2. What on earth is with all these anti-Semitic comments? Do people realise how insanely moronic and ignorant they sound? How pathetic.

  3. Goldberg’s mother isn’t even Jewish. As for Jews… do you find Logan Lerman, Paul Rudd, Joseph Gordon-Levitt to be ugly? All 100% Jewish.

  4. I’ll let him sit on my face for a few.

  5. Reminds me why I don’t like Jewish guys. I always found Adam Goldberg annoying and obnoxious and I thought seeing him naked might change my mind. Didn’t do it for me. Pass.

  6. Always thought Adam was hot…great to see how much he’s packing! 🙂

  7. He looks much better naked than I thought he would. But his acting personality is just so annoying!

  8. In response to “B. Waters”: I couldn’t agree with you more!!! That does it for me, also… Yum!

  9. I’m not touching the anti-Semitic vibe of certain comments. It’s moot since Adam is prolly str8 and doesn’t give a shit what one of us fags thinks of him.
    I came in to say wow, and he looks like a cross between Jake Gyllenhaal and Seth Green, which I find intriguing.

  10. What the fuck is that supposed to mean Lakevubud? Jew or Gentile, white or black, straight or gay, I’ll get off on a good lookin’ bod any day. Adam is hot.

  11. Jewish guys don’t do it for me….im just not that into him…but looks good down there!

  12. I found something to atone for on Yom Kippur

  13. Ugh. Jews think foreplay is 10 minutes of whining about their mothers. I’ll pass.

  14. I fuckin love him- total Jewbabe!

  15. nice black bush. love to get naked with such a sexy man.

  16. ive always thought adam was so fuckin hot! Now seeing whats hanging there in front>>>>>> Im in Love!!!!!!!!!!! id suck and ride that HUGE rod all night long and then some….!!!! all he would have to do is ask? 😉

  17. Yet another jew

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