!! OMG, he’s naked: Alfie Allen !!

Last night’s episode of Game of Thrones was a rerun for me because I had been coerced into watching it last week on cable provider Rogers’s stupid On-Demand website. They’re so desperate for people to sign up that they offered this week’s episode a week early!

That was kind of fun except I had to watch it on a tiny laptop screen and then I had nothing to watch last night. Wah!
I really do love the show so much, so I want to celebrate one of its best moments so far: Alfie Allen‘s semi-boner in his “love” scene with Ros the courtesan. For those of you who don’t know, yes, Alfie is the brother of Lily Allen.

Longtime readers might remember that we posted Alfie’s peen (link NSFW) back in 2008 during his stint in Equus in London.

So compare and contrast, young Alfie to more mature. Which do you prefer?
NSFW stills and videos are after the jump.

Click to enlarge. Download video clip here.
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23 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: Alfie Allen"

  1. Alfie is uncut! Good for him!!

    SO much better. To the one who said giving head is harder..apparently you have no idea how to give head lol. Its way easier to an intact male because they don’t take for flipping ever to cum BECAUSE THEY HAVE ALL THEIR PARTS!
    Body shaming woman are stupid. Get over yourselves.

  3. I think its beautiful and delicious! I just want to set him free!:P

  4. Sorry, but removing a clit is not the same as cutting a foreskin. You also can’t get on anyone for having an opinion unless they try to get you to do something you don’t want to do. If it bothers you that much, you’re just being a bit babyish. Who wants to live in a place where they can’t say what they think? It’s primitive.

  5. Uncut is definitely better! Nothing compares to a whole penis, the way it’s supposed to be. Intact men are sexier, bigger, have 100% of their pleasurable nerve endings, and have more to play with. Cut penises look weird and botched with scar tissue…like Frankenstein’s monster.

  6. I don’t care about cut or uncut either. Like a previous comment said, as long as they keep it clean. However, I do like the appearance of a cut dick more than an uncut one, but that is just aesthetics (they all look the same when they’re hard). As far as Alfie is concerned, he has a pretty nice-lookin dick there 🙂

  7. Nice penis. I do like the look and feel of cut cocks a bit more but in the end, cut or uncut, they do the same thing so doesn’t really matter :). No one have a hissy fit by the way, it’s just an opinion…

  8. The question posed here was whether or not you prefer Alfie before or after. No question here he’s hotter in G.O.T… As for cut vs uncut I say m’ehhhhh -so long as they’re as hot as him and keep themselves clean, either is sexy as hell!

  9. Thank you Bob! Finally a man with some common sense!

  10. I agree with most uncut cocked are so Fugly. The skin is got to go and to the guy who says it much better I say Hell to the no. It looks just nasty. Maybe in the south I know personally I been with one uncut Vicki and stunk to high heaven. But that doesn’t mean everyone else has the same problem too. Just sayin that’s me and my thinking too. What’s its worth.

  11. A huge applause for Bob’s comment above. Well said, mate!
    And that Alfie is hot as hell!

  12. “His floppy uncut prick is nothing to write home about either.”
    It looks pretty impressive to me. Bigger than average. How big do you want a man to be?

  13. What’s really funny is that in the shot where he’s supposedly still doing her, you can clearly see his dingus hanging down between her legs. That’s why they use pouches.

  14. Nice body and cock. Do something about the teeth.

  15. If you have trouble sucking an uncut cock it’s because you’re a lousy cocksucker.

  16. cut dicks are better than uncut. for cleanliness and because it’s easier to “deal” with. Sucking an uncut dick involves too much holding back skin and all that. Sucking a cut dick is much better

  17. I am so tired of listening to these damn females who don’t like uncut cocks. Do you girls really think that junk between your legs is so pretty? Cutting a natural dick is mutilation, pure and simple. As for the guys who don’t like it…maybe you are just jealous you lost yours. I thank my parents for not butchering me. Women; keep your opinions about men’s dicks to yourselves or maybe we should start advocating for the removal of your clitoris!

  18. Alfie looks amazing in this; and he’s sporting quite a nice dingle dangle 😉
    PS: I actually emailed in a few pics to you guys at Omgblog, like two weeks ago, but I never got a response.. if you’re gonna have the option out there, to be able to tip you guys with material, then maybe you should respond to emails..

  19. So hot. Wilhelmino: What world do you live in??? It’s sad.

  20. uncut? no thanks!

  21. “So compare and contrast, young Alfie to more mature. Which do you prefer?”
    Much prefer the more mature version… not really into the ‘puppy fat’ he was carrying in the earlier pics.

  22. Why did I even bother to download the video? It has to be one of the worst fake sex scenes ever.
    His floppy uncut prick is nothing to write home about either.

  23. funny how hes immediately soft after pounding her…
    nice cock though and surprisingly good body

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